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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

29 Day Organizing Challenge ~ 3rd Progress Link Up

    I'm not gonna make it. I am so behind. I feel very discouraged now, mainly because I have failed to meet yet another deadline. I thought a month was going to be a great time frame. Honestly, right now it doesn't seem enough. It isn't that the space is super overwhelming, it's everything else.
    I don't want to sound all "woe is me," but it has just been really hard and I have been facing numerous setbacks, and although I am not participating in this challenge for the prizes, I still feel somewhat let down that I haven't finished within the time frame allotted. Positive note: I am still going to continue, and post what I have done on March 1st (whether it's all done or not.)
    Back pain, and crazy kids...those are the set backs, and while my kids are a blessing to have around everyday, it isn't so easy to get much done when I am trying to pull my little climber off the TV stand, or one of the cats. 
    So where am I at with the space? Basically I have gotten rid of so much, I am just waiting to bring the dresser down from my son's room to use as extra storage. I have purged quite a bit (see my purge piles below.) And I need to paint.
     The main difficulty I am having is scraping the wallpaper, and while I know this challenge isn't for designer spaces...the walls are something I have been wanting to do for a while. Another thought is that if my husband and I actually appreciate the aesthetics of the space, then perhaps we may make more of an effort to keep it tidy. The current energy is just "blah," and I don't want the "blah" to continue even after all my hard work. 
   I am still trying to figure out what to do in the corner where the kids' table used to be, I don't want to put another item of furniture there as another dumping ground surface. I'm still thinking of what I want to do, and I am ok with leaving it be for now. I will just move the cat food and water in that space until I make a decision...perhaps a plant that has purifying properties...for looks and health.  Anyhow, much to do not many pictures to post.Until March 1st...

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  1. I think putting the cat dish in the corner is an excellent idea. It should help break the family habit of dumping things there. It's no good to try to force the answer, the right solution will come to you if you let it. And hey--that donate pile is nothing to sneeze at!